I apologize for not even a tiny note yesterday. The day just got in my way. Plowed through all the images from the Hartford illustration students and set it up into an introductory slide show complete with seques and music. This was long work...not hard work...but long. It was illuminating as I got a handle on the class and how skilled so many of the students are, who I would like to learn something from and who could learn from me. Then, it was the aspect of pacing and music...and the music I thought would be perfect turned out to be I picked a Michael Jackson classic and even my picky son, exclaimed (exclaimed!) is was perfect. Now, I have done the progression from Powerpoint to Keynote and added the music. Now how to take to a portable medium and not lose the smooth seques. The Quicktime solution is rugged. Now wait. Can I open it into IDvd and add music? and burn to DVD? I think so... This might be donezomatic. Not so easy...but I have a little time.

Today is the redo, do of old projects. R. is in Portland at the Glass Arts Society Conference (GAS). K is noted for Kudos in the local paper recognizing her getting into NYSSSA...which is nice. A. is done with classes...bring on the tests. A. is anxious for the summer to begin. Cold here. Blankets back out. Wet. The beautiful spanish lavendar I bought is in ecstacy.

Am thinking a lot about the way Virginia Lee Burton uses shapes to build her taking a similar shape for a body of work and then cutting into it for each illustration. Interesting...and not a formal "frame". Need to sketch a few ideas against that. Ordered a Robin Hood book by Burton and two books by Wanda Ga'g from the used folks out there. Should see those soon. I am feeling very wiggly piggly.

Spent the night at the lake...snuggling with our hot cats and the big cat (our dog)--tonight we are in Tburg and tomorrow as we have another concert and chorus event. More later