New bird on the desktop. Really enjoying this one. Turkey still awaits. Good working at the House of Health. Overcast skies, but the water was beautiful and inspiring that I am interested in a water picture or two just of dive into it a bit more. Cornell skullers were going full bore.

Was messing around with Vertical Response, a resource Carol Tinkelman is using for emailers. It seems pretty they have nice, workable templates to make good looking (easy to do) formats that can be launched broadly. Now, all I need to do is to gather up a little list and get going. Price is $15. per 1000 names. I think I would be lucky to have more than 500 names. Pushing it to get to 500. Seems easy to do, and once the list is done, really only time is setting up the template and message.

Fun time last night at the Pourhouse. Had a nice chat with Bill Chaisson on what differentiates Old Time music from Bluegrass and Country. Old Time is the root of Country and Bluegrass. Old Time music is performed in a more intimate environment. Bluegrass and Country are the rhinestone, large scale venue versions. Bluegrass is derivative of the musical side of Old Time. Country is more about the words--stories--derived from Old Time. Long John and the Tights were up and rolling--the music was very good and the musicians, animated. It was fun to watch their faces, how they all speak to each other with the music and gesture--and how there are flickers of the children they were that dance across their visages as they go through the songs, music and the physicality of playing. We visited with all sorts of the wonderful local friends--our club on Main Street.

Got some of the Jim Carson reading that I plan to dig into this weekend. Looks pretty good and interesting. It will be good to chip away at these books (maybe even reading the full thing!) before the world starts spinning quicker on it's axis.

We have all sorts of magnificent things to do this weekend:
--cow plop bingo
--Methodist Church chicken barbeque and pie sale
--Episcopal Church rummage sale, chicken barbeque
--and random yard sales and fun
--Track meet with A in Syracuse
--party planning for K for 05/17

Then, we also have to celebrate Motherliness. Whoa. Too much baggage there.