Monday monday

Lawn is mowed. Poor Chet, the lawnmower man. He was not feeling 100% as he shot a turkey and the gun hit him in the collarbone which he thinks he fractured. His mother was in the hospital after a rather frightening blood sugar incident...and his clients (some) are misbehaving. I am just thankful he comes to us regularly and makes this whole operation at least look legitimate-- and not the screwy, hippy scene that others see. My Roses are happy in the cool dampness. Mandy has a paintbrush in her hand. We are sending out computer back for IT support. Erich is busy making a perfect box to send the computer back (his training at Mailboxes Etc. is always invaluable). So, we are rolling on making this work. It's a techno bore...but I know we will get this all turned around.

R. got home--exhausted and happy to be home. We are rolling on K's bday. Need to wrap and make nice tonight for our princess' party. Pinkulation. Been churning away on the Baker Annual Report--finding some good stuff on Shutterstock...for the back section. Lots of happy dogs, cats, horses, foxhunts etc. Leaping, jumping, sitting, licking, smiling animals. This pub is a smaller book than last year...(phew!) and it needs to be the same, but different. How different is the question. But different, none the less.

Dinner was spent talking about the mental aspects of training and sports. it seemed to open up a new horizon for A. as he has strictly been focusing on his training and his personal times and presentation. Somehow, the aspect of intimidation (which for a 6'1" eighth grader) and his personal style and expectation as a part of the whole program was intriguing. A. is a gentleman who remembers people from former events, music events, other events and reaches out to say hi, shake hands, mix it up a bit. This gentlemanly thing combined with competition was until tonight, a bit beyond his ken. Interesting that our job is to open the door a bit to let him see the next step. He has been included in an invitational--which should be interesting as he can use this new awareness to see if it can help him.