snapshots from Cornell's Plantations

The peonies are coming on, the rhododendrons, in their garish profusion are blowing out at the Cornell Plantations. Cornell is having it's graduation today, a day as clear as a bell with low humidity and cool. We are in Sheldrake, loving the tight lilacs and the new wisteria --which is blooming despite the hard cutting back I gave it last year. It seems the meaner you treat the wisteria, the happier it is. Same with the trumpet vine which I love to hate...with the only payout being the visits from the timely hummingbirds all summer.

We bought a turntable for A. Used, of course--but a range of choices for cheap. R got his haircut to find out that the wonderful barbers, the Pescos (father and son) are opening up a shop on Main Street in Trumansburg! This is wonderful news. Absolutely wonderful because now good haircuts are within walking distance.

More later...the tribe is moving and I need to shut down. I want to exclaim over Wordpress~!