Its 43 degrees today

Crazy here. Three hours (1 down, 1 back and one in the chair) for the dentist, and 1.5 hrs with K at the doctor getting ready for camp. Wrote a bio today (long time since doing this)--which was interesting in the context of where I am today, the work the illustration. I am rolling on the Harpy sketches--and really feel its going to take the month to make it happen. I am thrilled to be back in the saddle. I think I will always need a project like Memento Mori and now this one to sharpen and focus the work.

I bought a pair of reading glasses so now I am officially a 6 eyed girl as makeshift bifocals as I cannot read a darned thing. Now, I look more odd than usual, but the focus is much better and I can read these books that we need to devour by mid July for Hartford.

Enormous surprise last night. While I was at the eighth grade trip meeting, R was at the High School awards ceremony. K swept the event--first, HIGH honor roll (we knew it wasnt even any placement there), second, Most improved musician in the band and third, the ONLY English award with a list of thirty superlatives to describe her. WE are all floating on clouds! Amazing. Absolutely amazing. She is such a nice person...and I have (as you know) been blowing the roof off the house on the school wow. I missed it to talk about the prevention of "your children" vomiting on the bus, how all the kids need "street smarts" and how cellphones are bad. Lots of talk about water bottles and whether to fill them before or during the trip. It is always pretty obtuse and in an oblique way, funny.

More later.