We had a nice dinner party last night with K and A and friends (triplets)--so there was lots of talk and laughter. High School folks are so much fun. One of the sisters is practicing on our piano--playing Debussey. Everyone else is devouring strawberries and tallking school gossip and prom talk. The sisters were all full of laughs and teasing, SATs and music competitions, boys and what to wear, who to was a page out of Jane Austen 2008 style. Charming. Quite charming. Really.

I started with a turkey to commemorate our tribe of them (or are they a flock?) in the back yard. The head (above) is from the blackwork I am doing. This is an interesting process to work in black--blocking out broad shapes, working back in with detail--so that the entire bird is one shape, one vector object as we go. The feathers and their black shadows are really fun to do...and hope to have this done by the end of the weekend. I need to start worrying about my christmas cards before the clients start worrying about them for me.