I started reading the Marshall Arisman and Steve Heller book, The Business of Illustration last night--and to be honest, this book makes me itch. And with itchiness comes that building anger and rants that you are all used to. So, get ready! As soon as I can take his whirling red fog and sew words and feeling to it...you will get it full bore. I now know why it's been a year between programs. More to get some space, new calibration, clear out the brain and get it prepped for another go round as a more formed illustrator/graphic designer. I am looking to grow some legs--not trying to be a painter, not trying to be one of the four classmates I studied with at Syracuse. I am a hybrid--and I need to better understand what that means broadly and more importantly, what that means to me. Where does illustration lead? Where doesn't it? How do I have illustration lead strongly...but be able to marry it to text, to headlines, to copy.

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