Finnish Tex-Mex

Beautiful day today. Cool verging on cold. A. at a CNY track meet in Syracuse. Missed the Cow Plop. Episcopals didnt have anything worth diving on...and I was with the mix at a quarter to 8...circling the stuff. K riding horses with friends at their house. R is moving stones, raking and moving and grooving to prep for the next round of contractor fun. I am working on the black bird image (sketch yesterday). Doing another go round with Carol Elizabeth. Thinking about Toivo (a possible CD package) who describe themselves as:

"Toivo is a six piece band from Trumansburg, N.Y. playing Finnish, Tex-Mex, and original music suited to the traditional dances of the Finger Lakes Region - waltzes, schottisches, polkas, mazurkas, two-steps, hambos and reels."

Hmm.TexMex, Finnish, traditional dances? I am thinking folklorica? And what about the Finnish Folk art? Should do a bit of digging before I start... Here is a cool site on the rise and renewal of Finnish folk music>>. Here is the Finnish Institute>> Finnish Folk art blog, "Looky". Now, here is a fabulous decorative, Finnish illustrator, Sanna Annukka which, matches my thinking around a Jim Flora inspired illustration.>>

I can groove on this.
More later