Redid the eye on my buffalo picture. Saw it online and wanted to throw up. Took the darned eye off, redrew it and plunked it back in place... Looking much better. Need to take a break. This Tx stuff is not getting me jazzed. Turkeys, however, are. So, I figure a turkey and a chicken before I get back into it is a good idea. I love the way the turkeys are all about line and color. So, I am going to do another shot at it. The male turkeys have a little fleshy horn above their beak and a funny little decorative fall of hair--looks like horse hair out of their chest. I would love to leave that hairy part out...but then, that's not really fair because its there. As long as it's not a scientific illustration, must I put it in? Maybe I should look at girl turkeys ( a hen, or a jenny depending on their age) and see if they have it...and modify accordingly? There is the strutting chicken from FreeRange Farm.

I had a wildly depressing conversation of the state of the economy and of our image as Americans with my brother today. I have not reallly been dealing with the paper or radio as it is all too depressing. And passing the filling station daily reminds me of the daily, or is it hourly? migration of the price where the number fluctuates 8-15% over the course of a day. And the same sickly bag of groceries have been inflated well past 20%--of basics and not prefab food and junk. Basics. And just the cost of flour going from around $3.00 to over $6.00--think of the chain reaction around that price. And the continual "emergency" spending bills for this wrong war...and I really question our intelligence as a people. But I guess a people that is enamored with "Dancing with the Stars" or "American Idol" or even any of the inane "reality shows" really does not reflect a people of intelligence, vision or responsibilty. Somehow a parent or a guardian will make sure the food is on the table, the right decisions are being weighed and discussed and that our schools and elderly are being tended to. But somehow, that hoped for parent is plunked in the middle of the kids on the fat sofa waiting for the pizza to be delivered. I think we are all just as happy to let others do our work, make our money and take our resources and hope to continue to be anesthetized by media, the wrong food, the two faced banks and financial institutions, the charletans and whore mongering politicians devoid of any understanding of what is real, what is good and what is responsible. I feel like a total old fart but we all need to snap out of it...and soon...before (if it isnt) its too late. We all need to own up to all of this erosion and take hold--and frankly rebel against the tedious status quo.

When that miserable man we dignify with the office of the President started to blame the congress for the energy situation we were in because they hadn't passed a bill to develop Anwar, I wanted to scream. Must he destroy everything? He is sure trying his damnedest to do that before November. His ability to make his bad decisions, his weak and conniving cabinet, his "damn the torpedos" headset with his dozen pointer fingers pointing everywhere but inbound.The past eight years has been beyond a nightmare that we cannot affect or change. When we wake up, will we have landed out of Limbo and into the fiery pits of Hell itself--with no remedy but to watch our culture and people go from a civilization of power to being sidelined as a past tense? This is something not to fear because this is where we have landed. It rips my heart out.