overcast Tuesday

The House of Health was delightful. Had the opportunity to watch the eight man mens shell turn around right in front of me...quite a graceful maneuver, but a maneuver none the less. All mens teams were out and the women too...a big race must be happening soon....The Head of the Charles? Big Red was looking good...streamlined and in shape...so we can only wish the hometown favorites the best. I am increasing the resistance and speed gradually and watching the heart meter so see movement there...and I am feeling terrific.

Work is good. We are tying up a lot of loose strings. Released a big illustration (4'x5') to an interesting fabricator....3-Form yesterday. 3 Form is a company that can embed illustration or objects into a polyester resin building material that can be used as dividers or art or any vertical material. It can also be poured as thick as well over an inch (we were shown examples of staircases made of this stuff). So imagine an illustrated staircase....or office dividers or hospital waiting room dividers with illustration or paintings reading as the key element. The work is either directly output onto film, which allows a lot of transparency, or fabric (which is what we are doing) which provides us whites and opacity. The sheet size is 4'x10' so we could gang run both the group picture of a dog/cat/horse and a sign for the Baker Institute for Animal Health. The technical specs were simple and part of the process is a sampling of the imagery in 8"x8" squares--to check color, fit. output. We should see that in a week or so.

Tburg Music Boosters are using their new graphic/illustration for notecards, a banner and tee shirt. We are moving mechanicals out today for the banner and notecard. Quickquick turnaround.

Wrapping up a poster, a quarterly calendar, and a series of sketches for Steuben today. Glimmerglass on the board this afternoon. So moving and grooving. Need to get some bills out too!

Mandy is here...with all sorts of little things to do. This is great...as is the celebrated mason and visionary, Dare Daniels--to pour a small slab. Moving in the kitchen yard.

More later. Work awaits!