Don't duck it.

Well, now I am coming out. Need to. Need to talk about this. So, here goes. You know (maybe you do) the fear that mounts around turning fifty. Dying, age, losing it and worst of all...the dreaded colonoscopy. Yes, dreaded. So, I talked to everyone I know about their colonoscopy experiences--and believe me, they confirmed my fear and dread. However, my hubby had the test a month ago and told me it was no biggie. As I trust him the most of everyone, I decided to go with the recommendation. And he was right. Honestly, the fasting and prep was the biggest part of the experience. I designed a boxed kit for InsureQuik FIT for the use in doctor's office and/or for individuals to buy and do self testing at their convenience and at home. But now that I have had the procedure, my take is do not think of the ease of the boxed kit, but to take the time and get the real thing--where they are looking at the colon live, if there are polyps, they get them--and get them before they develop versus waiting for a subtle signs the kit detects--when there may be something brewing and in the works. Everything was nice, relaxed and kind at the Cayuga Medical Center--with all sorts of interesting questions down to if I had any cultural or religious issues that I needed help with prior to getting going. Lots of explanations and talk around the procedure and truly, outside of my not being out of it as promised and fully understanding and remembering the experience (dang, they promised the amnesia drug--which they may have given me, but didn't work!). The worst thing was having the IV inserted--and knowing when they would round a bend--but with the "thousand leagues under the sea" visuals or that other movie with some guy and a busty chick that was shrunk and injected into a person's blood stream--it was a virtual reality show with positive results. All in 35 minutes. No biggie. The drug hit me after eating a sandwich and I had to lie down--though I thought I could make a go of it. And now, I am as right as rain. Cannot say it enough, do not fear it...embrace it. This test is worth it as colon cancer is a #3 cause of death for women--and it can be managed and treated so that it is survivable. Isn't that worth a day of fasting, 35 minutes of living a movie and a nap?

It is to me.