okay....its a...


Back from the house of health. Program change. Walking on the treadmill of time. Surprisingly pleasant looking down on the inlet with the Cornell shells--gliding over the water with their red paddles and energetic rowers. It will be 70 degrees today--so all is well with the world from forsythia, daffodils and little buds. Chet is doing a spring cleanup of the property. Mandy is getting the little tractor fixed and our man, Dare Daniels, is prepping for the delivery of cement tomorrow a.m.

Lots of work on publications, logotypes and illustration for Steuben. Will log in later as we are biz zee.

Note to the Flaxnation--this Friday/Saturday/Sunday at the Triphammer mall from ten until... And worth the trip. I think later Friday I may descend on the fabulousity (I wonder if I can take pictures?)