tidbit for now

K is back. Energized, excited, enlightened, peppering her speech with french phrases--effusive about her trip. She tumbled off the plane in new clothes--tight fitting hot pink pants with a black dress--draped in a white and pink scarf. I think this french thing might be rubbing off. She made grunge (or her version of it) chic. Indeed! She is sleeping as it was a long trip back. Today will be a segue from the dream to the reality.

We got what we needed for A--shorts, shirts, golf shoes (Calloway no less to his delight) and blue jeans. Limited mall time so we had some relaxing time chez Luckystone prior to the trip to Syracuse for the 10 p.m. pick up. We googled Italian restaurants with ratings and found a slew on North Salina Avenue. We had a great dinner at Antonios (700 N Salina) to the delight of our big boy who delivered a small handcart's portion of tortellini with a loaf of bread in silence. Fork to plate to mouth to plate to mouth to plate until the fork was laid across an empty plate. Seems there are more restaurants and stores on North Salina Street we will need to discover.

More later>>