April showers

Nice and warm here. Saw tops of the daffodil greens poking up through the dirt. I am thinking of lots of grassseed and fun this weekend. The snowdrops are up and I have seen a crocus or two. Lots of dead wood needing to be corralled...and a basic clean up prior t I am feeling a bit more myself--cough dying down, energy level higher which will mean back to the House of Health next week for beginning the treadmill fun.

Am slugging away on a format for a quarterly calendar publication. Designing, redoing, fitting images and logos, redoing the type, fitting the photos, redoing the type, and so on. Images are a bit bland/and not contrasty enough, so need to push E. to give em all more juice as everything reading 50% grey in the highlights doesnt go anywhere. Also, this document review process is heavy lifting--lots of work at one shot, and then dying out. Another truckload with ticklish issues that each deserve a phone call, and then a wasteland. I guess I will get used to it...but it is pretty much drop everything, do it and then back to the old work right now. I spent the better part of yesterday trying to get stuff other than reviewing.

Meeting tomorrow with an architect and the Baker client about the illustration for their waiting room. I hope that will be smooth and something I can engage in. There is not a lot of money in this...and I really do not want the pain level to take it to another place emotionally. More later>>