From the Ape, Little Chimp Society

Just a short and sweet newsletter. Although a number of you already know, I just wanted to bring to the attention to those who don't that recently the LCS was plagiarized (images and LCS interviews) and published as a book called Colorful Illustrations 93 degrees C! This was done with the knowledge or permission of me or anyone involved.

For more information read my blog post about it...

What can you do to help? :)

Please make as many people aware of this as possible by linking to the above post from any social networks, blogs, portal, or news submission sites you can get to. This will bring awareness to the situation and hopeful shame the resellers into removing it from there stock and sites.

And if anyone is feeling brave please ring Index Book on (+34) 93 454 55 47 and ask them POLITELY to stop selling it :) Please they are Spanish, but have English speaking staff.

I personally use for long distance calls.

Thanks for your time and I appreciate your continued support.