Houses for Turtles

After lunch, we visited Gloucester, home of Gortons Frozen Fish and other fab fish brands along with a big harbor filled with gargantuan fishing boats. Gloucester is very rough and ready with lots going on--and the main street opening onto views of the harbor. We then drove up to Rocky Neck Art Colony ( just a hop and a skip from Gloucester downtown) to see the galleries and shops that buzz in the summertime. Its kind of an Ithaca Art Trail, only all the shops are walkable and not in people's houses or studios. Jenny surprised us and presented us with a choice of wooden fish offered at a shop en route to the actually Rocky Neck area and got a cute white carved dog complete with a dog bone in it's mouth (seemingly fitting given the Dogs Gone Wild experiences that happen daily). Then off to Rockport MA that had filming for a Sandra Bullock "light comedy" in Alaska--with many of the shops in town with ersatz signage and the town square with fake totem poles suggesting that this part of Massachusetts was really Alaska. It was very odd and funny.

Then back to Manchester to pick up our girl cousins at their school. It was cute as there is this turtle house that floats in a pond in front of the school that I have depicted on top.

More later.