smell the roses

Bloggilicious times. Working with the content leaders from Hartford, and the king of Drupal,Jim Reidy to do a bit of prototyping that could evolve into our little site: I would love it if we can push drupal to be prettier (both R and Erich were candid in saying that all the drupal sites they have seen seem nailed together...basic carpentry)...prettier because maybe, just maybe a designer can actually make a teensy bit of difference. I like the flexibility part, the live streams against static ones etc. Could be a cool experiment. Just comes down to request the alumni and students when talking about Hartford tag it so we can grab it. This is a very amenable group so I think this is a possiblity.

There was a request from the local bed and breakfasts to have artists' studios open and available to their guests when they come to town. When poor Jay called me and kindly asked me to join in, my response was "forgetaboutit" as I am prickly about anyone telling me what to do despite its concept. However, my pitch to Jay was that we should do a local website showing local artists (hopefully not weekend watercolorists and scrapbookers)work and a link to their respective websites etc. We are using the grid for the site. We sent a note to about 35 people with 10 (+/-) folks interested in addition to the initial 5. I hope this can grow as there are a ton of creative people here in Tburg, actually there is a real art community making art and money from that art that probably pulls as much as a small insurance agency or local gift shop that are recognized as businesses by the Chamber of Commerce. I like to think that by awareness, it may help others in the community to see the energy expended and national presence of these skilled people are a force to factor into the vision of the community. Erich and I are doing this gratis...and collecting small money for the URL and hosting services. Our hope is to go live around the first of May to present a new face of Tburg to the locals and to the tourists who come here for the waterfall and lake. As soon as I can send you there, I will post the address etc.

Off to Boston tomorrow for a few days with my brother and hometeam. Our hope is to eat seafood, see the Appleton Chapel and Appleton statue (a relative) in Cambridge, and maybe see the new Martin Scorese movie about the Stones at an IMax theatre. Shady dog will be with Mandy, Baby and Coia. Shady is to get her spring clip. I know she is excited about it. Back to the office on Thursday.

K has finally had a night's sleep. I hope she is having fun and recovering from the time change. That is rough business.

More later.