IF: Fail [to see that some use of mind]

There are women in middle life, whose days are crowded with practical duties, physical strain, and moral responsibility ... they fail to see that some use of the mind, in solid reading or in study, would refresh them by its contrast with carking cares, and would prepare interest and pleasure for their later years. Such women often sink into depression, as their cares fall away from them, and many even become insane. They are mentally starved to death.
Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards (1842–1911)
U.S. chemist and educator.

Consider getting some training, doing some reading or pushing yourself beyond the full dishwasher, lunches to pack, dinners to cook. If you like dinners and lunches, read a cookbook and try to make puff pastry. And if someone told you that you couldn't do something...there's the incentive to prove to yourself that they were wrong--and that 25 years of holding a grudge can be let go. Consider yourself in control of your life and living. And with that, move forward into a life, reborn as your real self. Being mentally starved to death is not an option.