keeping afloat

Back from my physical. Have a subdermal tracer for TB (for Hartford) and they will be taking blood to see if there are antibodies for Mumps,Measles or Rubella. If not, then I will have to get a shot for Hartford too. Really, we might as well be going to India or some other place than Connecticut considering the medical hoops they are insistent we have. But, worth it....just seems a bit over the top. Hello blood tests and all sorts of other screening. But hey, good to get it done.

There are doors being cut through 150 year old lathe and plaster upstairs...lots of banging and dust. This should open up the various bathrooms to other rooms and give us the laundry upstairs versus in the kitchen. By freeing up the laundry, we can then move to the back (old kitchen area) for the new kitchen and morph the old kitchen/ and historically, the servants dining room, to a back entry hall versus what we have now that is an explosion with laundry, kids backpacks, thousands of shoes and the kitchen stuff...not to put too fine a point on it. So, by beginning to move the parts, we free up new areas to get to the endpoint.

Spent the better part of Sunday working on a waterfall image for a teeshirt for the Cayuga Triathlon. I was working from reference I took earlier this year--and the water had a lacy/frothy quality that manifested itself in an almost hairy looking waterfall...more like the back of a teenaged girl and not the iconic waterfall. R. remembered an old, antique (1865) photo we had of the same image at the lake. So we rescued that, and as it was an image taken with the lens totally open, the water did not have the lacy thing, but really felt vertical etc. So, R. saved the day as the refernence took it to another place. I have finished the image and am waiting to hear from the Raceteam as I think we have in in hand.

New poster for the Chicken Chokers (they are playing at Amazing Things--the Amazing Firehouse in June).

Possibly a new winelabel in the near offing. More as it becomes known. Also, working on a document approval process for Quest which is hard but interesting as it is totally not creative. As I was talking to my client, she encouraged me to see their new "guerrilla" campaign for colon cancer>> which is interesting as they link to a guy (in the mummenschantz mode) being a healthy colon (youtube footage) and the point up the reasons to get the screening as colon cancer is treatable if caught early. But why swish with a brush when you can get the full monty like I am going to get.

K is off to France in 10 days. Very exciting and just around the corner. Track training is good...A is very impressed with how K is no powderpuff with her training (would she be anything else?). Lots of hard sleepers.

Most go as the morning is gettting away from me.