finally vertical

Well, after that cheery post from yesterday and a sharp prod from my homegirl client to get my self horizontal-- I did...until now ( 7 p.m.). It was shake,rattle and roll..but now visions of illustrations (not feverish nightmares of odd people juxtaposed in scenes they would never be in) singing in my head. I just need to shake this blistering headache and I will be right as rain. Now, coca cola looks delicious. I cannot say the same for last night. So, def back in the saddle tomorrow. Make a note to get a flu shot this coming fall. This is not a welcome pause.

A and K are training like crazy for track and field-- working on their "core". A is very excited and chatty (!) that it's spring, that its light out late and that he has a good chance to succeed with Track. He is overall a happy boy which is great to see as he doesn't show his hand very often and makes us worry a tiny bit.

I am musing over Texas illustrations, where the grass seeding needs to happen soon, what to have Chet, the lawnmower man accomplish with his proposed "spring cleanup", and content for my "dream project" at HAS.

The "dream project" is the first week at Hartford with Dennis Nolan and Bunny Carter (from San Jose State, and author extrodinaire---her book on the Red Rose Girls is an interesting slice of illustration history for many reasons and the way she tells the story is engrossing and believable so its a joy to read). Essentially, its a project you really want to do. As my world of Death is out of the picture right now, I proposed to Murray and Doug that I work on imagery that might be applicable to the world of Old Time music (you know, Chokers, Carol Elizabeth Jones etc)--and work from ( thanks to M's thinking) the content and roots (Americana, lyrics etc). Its hands off (no drawing allowed) but research and reference is okay. I would like to work both hand drawn and using the reductive approach and keep the color secondary--really striving for big, bold images. Its cool as I could work in square and tatami sizes ( 1x2). I like this approach as Americana is a big area...fused or not fused with music is cool--and it allows me to do a bit of a deep dive to see what's there. I just cannot make any marks or sketches. But, Texas pix may keep me from that.

Have to go and poke dinner.