grey Saturday

Working on a horse for the Baker. This is the bottom layer, the beginning of the process. I really like it just as a silhouette, the simplicity of it. So, like piecrust, I plan just to hand onto the scraps and see what we can do with the remaining pieces.

The Amanda tattoo from my Memento Mori drawings progress. She picked one design. I reconfigured, simplified and designed it to the shape, the supposed "deco" that her upper arm is. She consulted with her artist (someone I perceive as "the" tattoo star around here)--and it seems there isn't going to be a problem. However, I was unconsious about how much this really costs...and it is a bit shocking , far more than I would have anticipated. However, as it is forever--and compared with Amanda's full chest, and complete back in every color of the rainbow, my little black shoulder to elbow seems almost modest. Do you think I can enter this in the self promotion category when it comes to next year's shows?

Off to the library to get some literary candy. The cupboard is bare. Then, off to the pool while K gets her skin treated at the spa next door. This has been really effective for her versus dermatologists, drugs, etc.Plus, it has motivated her to pay attention to this. We are having success and K can take total credit for this. I am very proud of her. And she, is proud of herself.

Had an engaging conversation with a college entry consultant--someone who is a freelance college counsellor about K and A--and the strategies we need to put in place prior to the hot time of junior/senior years--and the current thinking and changes in this entire college selection/placement/entry process. And! it sure has changed since I did it a hundred years ago. And, two years ago. And six months ago. So, I am enlightened and am very excited to have a partner on this path. Her name is Lucia Tyler and she is a lovely,insightful, caring woman. Learn more about Lucia>> You will be part of this progression.

Won an auction on ebay for a first edition of the only book on Ludwig Hohlwein for signficantly less money than Alibris offers it for. I am so psyched. There is on ONE tome that shows a huge body of his work--and this is it. Hohlwein, for me , is a giant in his simplicity, graphic and elegant illustration for posters and advertising...However, through the lens of my Mentor, he is very much a single potato guy...More to learn.

Must go. Books await. They close at 2.