black paper

Have been doing a little survey of silhouettes--both american vintage silhouettes, english silhouettes, german and dutch ones. I love the mexican cut paper decorations (and bought quite a mini collection on Olivera Street in LA over the holidays), and the chinese decorative ones. But these American/and European ones are thought provoking relative to Memento Mori. Many are actually concurrent with the puritan community represented in Allan Ludwig's Graven book. Can I mesh them together? Do they jive (I think they do as they fit the whole "big black shapes" search, there can be some whimsy brought with them...and to be honest, I want to fiddle with them!). There are three different kinds of silhouettes--cut paper, cut and paste and the final, inked. So, it fits with the technology practiced here...along with some of the random "hobo" style, klutzy frames I have cut for MM. Keep going...keep seeking.

Here is a great link that can take you around the world with paper cutting>>

I am loving the old stuff and the new very cool.

Memento Mori Vol2 is done! Uploaded! Sample Ordered! Yippee!!

Democrats coming here tomorrow. Yipes!