Little things happening all day. The pool of dilemmas was virtually empty, so the aqueous passigiata was quite delightful and somehow with the sunshine beaming down made all right with the world. Took care of all sorts of small stuff before having lunch with the amazing Micky Roof, celebrity jeweler, entrepeneur and inspired energetic person. Micky always creates wonderful medals for the triathlon in July--very dimensional, big and very Ithaca. They are so great, they could be remade into keychains and stuff like that. Cool, heavyweight--work with a presence. So, we had lunch to talk about her plans so that I can mirror the thinking with the tee shirt. Then, we talked about all sorts of this and that. There may be some other projects we could engage in. Plus, as she was one of the founders of the Art Trail, she sketched out where the art trail could go, the spin, the growth etc. She spins energy and ideas in her wake. She is tremendous. It should be fun doing a little work with her.

Am up to my ears in illustration I need to do...so need to go.