Chain Linked Moments

The snow is doing its thing. We just finished another late dinner thanks to yours truly not getting her sh*t in gear earlier. The team is deployed in dog activities, sweeping the white stuff and personal time. I am listening to random selections from itunes...with a big focus on Jazziz monthly CDs and of all folks, my mini collection of (as my italian friends said in the late seventies...THE Barry White). Poor Barry. Gone from us. Poor Barry, bigger than a 1967 Cadillac, with a sound as big albeit accompanied by (as my Muse as coined)" the purina cat chow orchestra". I love the singing, but even better is the insane talking over/lead in for the big build of the song. My italian pals (non English speakers) would emulate him down to phonetic copying of his lead ins and singing. An absolute scream. It makes one want to climb into fly away collars, bad hair and stacked heels. Makes me want to be a disco bunny.

As I am swinging and swaying to the robust, The Barry, White...I have dropped into something equally sublime. Drawn, the cooperative illustration site, links to a slide show about fellow Pittsburgher Robert Weaver in the NY Times>> Anything Weaver, for me, is a total kick in the booty. Weaver and Al Parker are the Barry White of my illustration world. Maybe more (they seem to exist without the purina cat chow orchestra). Could we all collectively beg the Taschen folks to do books ons on both. These guys are not side line players.

"Life is not a single snapshot, it is a series of events that are chain linked and proceed frame by frame." Robert Weaver

Why is it, that there is no significant monograph, show catalog or even web site on Weaver? His tremendous skill as an illustrator and designer shines through the few examples one can surface...but no tome,no collection to study, learn, review. There are students and peers of Weaver out there>> why no book, no significant recollection?

A nice reference is here in the Ulcercity blog, particularly appropriate for the here and now of Obama/Clinton>> with equally as fascinating responses/comments. I believe this author is one in the same that submitted the slide show to the Times. Mr. Dowd, from my skimming his blog, is a fascinating person, a serious teacher and educator and someone I plan on dropping in on on a regular basis (unlike this lightweight drivel from a nattering nabob who knows nothing).