The price of pie

Made a great piecrust (from scratch!!) this weekend. Big I normally cheat with the freezer case version which is fine...but after this cinchy one from scratch, I don't think I can go back unless I am quiche-ifying for 80. Also used up all the brown bananas with two big slabs of banana bread...which is almost all gone. Am shocked by what I learned at the Mecklenburg Mercantile, our little local store where the ladies get all sorts of basics from flour to spices, to cocoa powder to blocks of yeast and repackage to smaller containers. They have great stuff (King Arthur Organic Flour as a for instance) and I generally go there to support the ladies and get a few boxes of basics (popcorn, cumin, basmati rice, know, the basics). I was buying said flour and was shocked to find out that it was $6.25 for a five pound bag. The proprietor said that with the weakness of the dollar, we are selling all of our wheat to European and Asian countries and we are being socked with a significantly higher price for our own food. What is this? What is Obama saying about that? The non-cookie making former First Lady? The possible first man? Gas prices are appalling...but when it gets to is the building block of most things we consume! If G. Bush is handing out checks...will the $300  or so begin to cover the significantly higher costs of basics and gas? Maybe for one month? But we all haven't gotten 30% raises to accomodate the changes. I find I am working longer and harder for the same paycheck (I am the boss so that is expected)--but does this mean that others who may work hourly? or paycheck to paycheck may have to take on other jobs just to stay status quo? This is me, the business girl talking...not mommy housewife. If 50% of the economists say no recession and the other half say are we going to get off this slippery slope that seems to be moving rather steadily downwards. Any answers?

Was working on a wood duck image yesterday while R. wrote reviews. Kids skiing. Week promises to be busy but not uncomfortably so. Was in the Pool of Dilemmas this my sharing of lanes, bright sun on the water, the perfect water and the distribution of this into this column and that into that. Organized head, more organized life. Need to start whaling on K and A's summer activities. And what about April break! Yikes!