I thought I would get your attention with the whimsey header. I have been intellectually chewing over the suggestion my Mentor made about my thesis. And, in the spirit of growing and stretching I am in agreement that something has to happen to move my hand, head and thinking beyond something that has already been masticated. I mentioned this to my Muse, and he said, that though he is 100 percent behind anything I want to do,he FULLY ENDORSED and AGREED with the thinking of the said MENTOR. Now! it's from a math standpoint, two against one...but with two of them equal 100...So, its Memento Mori as the pre Hartford project. Punto. Bring on the the hard stuff.

Now what? I was thinking of asking the Mentor to give it to me straight. What do I need to work on? Color, composition beyond "one potato", and intertwining? What else? Now, back a concept onto the "key learnings"(to use a yucky corporatese type of phrase)--and create a thesis chock full of head/hand/eye busters. I would like to have some fun with it? What do you think? Make sense?