bowing down

Murray saw book two and related to Carol who related to me that it needed some space. I totally agree with this. The spreads are crowded with images and sketches...without breathing. The intent of these paperback Memento Mori books is to show the range of sketches...and in the case of this second volume, not to lift from this blog or from the world to spin more messaging. However, three will have that. Then after all the sketch books are finished, a big edit would happen and a 36-48 pp book would be designed (real spreads etc) --and produced. But, I am proceeding with three and will add space as I go on this one. I can redesign later with two and one. Murray is dead on...and I bow to him...and will listen. I am a bit wild these days with I feel a bit like being on a Catherine Wheel. WHeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Up to my elbows with webpage redesigns and revisions. Yesterday was a head splitter...but I am thrilled to have gotten the work on for PR. I want to talk to you a bit about something Richard surfaced in our conversation. Its a bit soapboxy-but I need to talk about it.