White out

Have I praised the wisdom, wit and teaching of the Business of Illustration guru, Jim Carson? I am so thrilled I am re-upping with him at Hartford as his class alone, has been worth the price of admission. I just had a wibbly wobbly with a client who might be wanting to fiddle with an illustration I have done, and because of my class with Jim, I have the confidence (and language) to stand up for my rights, what surrounds those rights and what I plan to do. Prior to my new life as an illustrator, I would have fumed and whined and not been effective...plus, I would have given away the store. Now, like the Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow, I have a cerficate that affirms that I know something...and it has given my the push I need to move forward positively.

Snowing steadily--hasn't ceased since early this morning. I think it might mount up. Shady Grove is delighted. She loves snow more than anything...and sets about making snow angels, digging up pinecones and overall leaping and frolicing in the whiteness. A is home with the stomach/head thing. K. has been going full force with the fetal pig project. R had a successful day in NYC getting everything done despite the early shuttle home (schedule moved due to the predicted bad weather).

Need to get down to business. Had 3 hours at the school to be the parent rep for the Committee for Special Education (thought it was an hour...but it wasn't). As usual, it was educational and fascinating to peer into that silo of life...and hope there was something we did would help these kids learn and build their lives into something that gives them happiness. These are all good kids that just learn differently and have different abilities. My heart is lightened with these meetings as I know we can help.

More later>>