Tuesday morning

Snow on hand today and tomorrow. R. to NYC today after his car didn't start in the lot last night (I am thinking tooooo cold to turn over though he has other ideas). K had a real growing experience with being pushed out of her corner to be the hands to perform the fetal pig laboratory in Biology. She had been worrying it for weeks (we had hints but not a direct confirmation that this was going on)--and had all the workarounds and thinking all worked out. A. is busy with basketball and friends. Not much bugging him these days other than there aren't enough girls or time for those girls. I, had the deer incident... but was really productive (with more today).

Spent an hour hunting down eccentric Caslon fonts yesterday. Am working on a logotype for a show for the Corning Museum of Glass based on antique bookplates and handbills. I have some caslon...but the italic is blimpy and round...not pointy and eccentric with whack ligatures. Found a handful and today I will need to buy one or two. The type is good for this Museum piece...and we are building some funkiness into the look.

Talked with my mother who hates my memento mori work.She doesn't get it...and making no bones or attempts to understand it. She was poo pooing the first book and hoped that would stop with the first batch of images. The fact there was a second book on the way, the body of pictures and that this was the basis of my thesis work really didn't work for her. Then, when I told her that the work was a treasure trove for a series of illustrations for the the Steuben funeral, memorial program they are developing. Even linking a dollar sign to this obscene work didn't legitimize the work, the thinking, the pursuit. I am not waiting for any sort of approval or I wouldn't do anything at all. Come to think of it, this headset would only be happy if the work served her and the "small season" of entertainments and friends that she has embraced. So, acceptable work needs to be lightweight from the content standpoint and "pretty". However, it does point up that I need to distill what this work is, what it is about, where the themes and content flows from, where the technique and style comes from etc. Sounds like I need to do some writing to give me an "elevator speech" (a distilled mission/vision) on this work.

Are you ready for valentines day? Amazon awaits!