Kaikai KiKi

After Red Dot (an aside, at Red Dot they actually posted prices unlike other venues we visited which was educational as the top seemed around $25,000 to a little business card with a drawing on it for $45. with quite a few pieces ranging around $1500-$2000/, we went back to GlassLab and met up with Steve. Grabbing Steve, we went off to Kartel to look at the nice outdoor sofas and side chairs they had and on to see the Takashi Murakami showroom. Well, that crazy Murakami had enormous to small plush balls of the happy flowerface along with a selection of silver jewelry, a sofa set covered in his fabric. It was very simple but very tangible to concieve of his work in your house. The big plush floral balls were a hoot (and I will post some pictures for your viewing pleasure) and outside of the gallery environment (note post last December on the LA Temporary Contemporary show we saw) it works in a cute and warm way. I think this guy is brilliant. More later>>