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An aside. Got a great book on making, creating, conceiving and producing Zines at the La Luz de Jesus gallery and Wacko bookstore. I have been reviewing it and find it is inspiring from a promotional standpoint for me as a designer and me as an illustrator. There are some interesting/simple bindery techniques I think I will try to take it further. Plus, the idea of zines is a cool one as a way to think out sequential illustration and also as a way to work on a compilation of something on the same topic as I like to do. However, it is getting me going.

Plus, saw this cool offering at Madewell, a denim store K liked that was a box of cards to cover the year of valentines, birthdays etc. all letterpress for the tune of $60. SET, or Select Editions for you to see. Another rip offable idea as it pertains to illustration.

More later.