These hands have nothing to do with Christmas. Just trying to work off a bit of steam from my love of all things indian. Saw some amazing ceramics at Art Basel/ Design Miami of objects inspired by things asian. They had an enormous, silk covered box with those lovely ivory sliders (the sort of box that you might get a very special doll, or vase or something packaged in as a gift (the object is made specifically to be a gift)--Well, this box was a zillion times bigger (5 ft tall), and it was opened and had drawers and shelves inside with these amazing, ornate and detailed white (must have been porcelain given the detail and finish) objects--one a dragon, another a little building etc. Surrounding this box on shelves around the walls were more ceramic objects with my favorites (if I had to pick) being a hand (about 14" wide) and the others being these very delicate coffee cups with eensie weensie hands that were massed together as the saucers (very Kali, hindu goddess of death and destruction...love her with her skirt made of arms, her long and scary tongue....I digress). Anyway, love the hands in the miniatures that I have been staring at in the evenings in the bathtub (seems to do the trick as I have not needed to solve the world's problems recently, but maybe because that is why Obama got the job, not me!)

These are snapshots from Design Miami. Thought you might enjoy. I love em. These little twiddles are getting my head back in the game. I need to put a lot of ink down on the paper before the picture making vibe happens. Until then, these little spots.

We had the annual holiday band and chorus concert at the school last night. Nary a sour note nor off key straggler. Very good, actually with great energy and spirit. High Schoolers are almost grownups....so its not quite the clap and sway/ herding of cats program the Middle School is. It was great to see A. so engaged. Two more days to finish up what needs to be finished up along with shepherding the organization and change of the present closet apres the weekend deluge due to the toilet running over. All is dry and seemingly back to normal...except for the closet where I cache all sorts of stuff I collect over the year to "give to people" which has, lately, gotten a bit out of hand. Now, thanks to the flood, I know what is in there, what I can give away and what is just not making it. Onward!

Snow is being announced for tomorrow. Southern Tier of New York (Corning/Elmira) getting the brunt of the storm (15" or so)--so we will definitely be part of that mix. I sent all the packages of little things to go to school with K in the expectation that Christmas break may actually have one more day in it this year. That would be great as the team can convene at the walkable pizza shop and while the day away with pals. Isn't that what High School is about...? Plus all of last year's seniors are back, so there is lots of exclamation and hugging and catching up that could happen. I think I might, like K does, wear my pyjamas inside out to will the snow day to happen.

What do you think?