let me off this merry go round!

Ordering a bunch of imprinted envelopes from Action. A bright pink one (maybe) for the valentine we will do and a pea green one for shipping. Also just ordered ink for next year and a trial balloon on the Arches Infinity cold press for the Epson (on sale) through Digital Art Supplies in California. They have great prices, always have things in stock and if you order enough, they have levels of buyers/deeper discounts. Love them. Will get the envelopes from Action (see sidebar) as they will imprint and its relatively cheap. And, did I say this was EASY?

Talked with our accountant yesterday re where the business is at year end, and the roll in with the first quarter next year to take out the surprises, if we can. Its manic getting all this business stuff put to bed with work on the table as well. Please understand its not you, its me--and that is why our little exchanges have been maybe a bit terse, or written or linked to others.

My powerbook is gasping for air. Iphoto is choking it...so its time to upload and save out the images as it is gobbling 44 GB on a portable machine. Man, does this take time and makes you itchy. And, the internet connection was misbehaving and not connecting today. Urg. Tie my hands, will you?

Am planning for the packing for LA. Need to check the weather as it can be cold/hot, breezy/still and everything in between. It is the same rush to the plane with packing, washing, thinking out what we will need, what we won't. But this is tomorrow tomorrows event.

Tonight is the band/choral concert at the High School. Seven o'clock start, so sandwiches need to be plied by 6 (at latest), to get the team there by their time of 6:30 and get the seats etc. Will be running until then.

More later