Here at Satori waiting for team teen to get their six week beauty do-- sitting among the piles of Aveda holiday sets (very tempting) and thinking about illustration. my thesis.and where things could go. I've started to worry versus being relaxed about the end product. This is so wrong as I believe that the journey is more important than the end work as the end project should be the beginning of the next learning experience and not a termination.

I have the genesis work. I have the butterfly girl. I have the portraits that are vector but really showcase my being a designer and my love of the graphic like Ludwig Hohlwein, Matisse, and the decorative portraitists. There is work I want to do with silhouettes as well.so I just need the time to buckle down and work on all of it and see where the most immediate energy is-- and go for it. I am torn but also jazzed as the vector work has gotten some traction in some shows-- and now with the willowhead from Memento Mori getting into the Society of Illustrators show ( it got into American Illustration last winter) it begins to validate the hand drawn image.

I began to freak about this willowhead as the Society wants the original in the show. It's a page from my sketchbook-- a loose and fast image that isn't a perfect, refined piece. I have cleaned up in photoshop-- but they don't want that. I guess there is teaching in it's simplicity.
Another test is that I ordered a black wood frame with these carved half rounds as a nubbily pattern. I looked to buy a tramp art frame on eBay -- but the price was a bit over the top. But, note to self, eyes peeled for this sort of thing in the future. Key to coolness.