Green pastures

We were among the green parrots nesting in the palm trees on Lincoln Road on Monday. We had a great day just seeing the sights, driving slowly up route A1A from Miami to Ft Lauderdale, stopping at the beaches, looking at the building, taking in the heat and blue skies and fresh air. I love the commonplace aspect of the beach in Florida...people just camp out there all day...using the benches and gathering places to meet up with friends, to sleep, to take in the sunshine. They take for granted these fabulous lifeguard stations painted outlandish colors that work...that they do not even think anything different. They take for granted the striped public buildings, the focus on outdoor spaces in design and architecture because it always has been part of the culture. Imagine not being able to get a cuban sandwich with those funny stick chips on top? Imagine no mint, no lemon, no fish? Imagine the dreary life we live with our seasons and threatening weather and times. Everyday is perfect. I think I could get lulled into being at one with the Miami thing...and not getting too ruffled about anything....but not here. Now, we are in the dark wasteland of rain promising snow, and buckets of work and projects to do with very little time before the next round of travel and family happen. I am a bit overwhelmed. Not sleeping much. Lots of lists.

Have a paper for Murray to finish. Holiday cards for friends and clients to address/mail. All packages to go out. Snowtires to get mounted. Appointments to schedule and reschedule. Art to refine. Shows to enter...and did I forget the paying work? lots of it. I am happy I am not bored, but too many plates to spin. I figure if I cross off half what is on the list each day, I may succeed. Maybe.

More later. Just wanted to let you know that I might be silent...but I am still breathing...(gasping, more like it). Later.