The good thing about having an hour drive to go to the dentist is the opportunity to let your mind wander and think. This is a momentous time. A time that will be pivotal to our future as a nation and a people. After the tragedies, thoughtlessness, and automatonic state we have lived in--many living on financial ruin unknowingly, many living a life without ever having to say no and wait.

We have seen cities trashed by by local, state and national government's inaction and callous disregard. We have been dragged into a cluster of wars without a say--with surges becoming mainstream and the aspect of money, riches and our people never being discussed. Always more, never weighing the options, never truly problem solving...staying on a task that might not be the right one...doggedly worrying it without asking why? or are there other approaches. Not only has the national leadership from the President down to the mouths in the House and Senate but also down to those who deem themselves "right" and those of us who are labeled "unpatriotic" therefore, wrong. We cannot educate our children--nor to those in power, education is something you just do...it just happens and it is not the organic plant that grows and flourishes and brings us all together fostering that ability to ask why? how? or challenge the assumptions. Education gives us the right to state the truth without repercussions. We are told to open wide and gulp when more filth and lies and greed by our leadership is presented as commonplace--with the expectation that we all do as they say, not as they do.

It is a time where we as a people are humilated, poor and embarassed to be Americans. We have been represented by people who have no sense of appropriate behavior, who have taken an imperious stance with the rest of the world that does drive off of listening and collaboration but by a dictatorial command. We are financially beholden to those who hold our extrodinary debt with god knows what sort of unholy promises made to keep those debts in hand. We do not spend money on the things we are good at : ideas, innovation, the future--but that of guns and investment bankers. I am stunned that this so called bail out has still permitted these skanks of bankers and dealmakers to continue to take home the astronomical salaries and bonuses now supported by everyman USA. Does Joe the Plumber understand that? And, is there any plan to regulate in the future? Is there anything that we as co-owners in these establshments have to dictate change inside the business and as a chance to change and teach each other financial health and behavior?

I know this diatribe is unhealthy and frankly, something we all know. But here is something new for me at least. I feel hopeful. Cynical old me, I feel that with this new man, this thoughtful and articulate man, we can ask why. We can engage in a national conversation. I feel that maybe with Mr. Obama, a sense of intelligence and dignity will be assigned to this engaged person to bring respect back to the office of President, and indirectly to our image of ourselves as Americans. I believe we are capable of so much, and the last eight years have suppressed thought, innovation, and excellence for a private agenda of a minority, headed up by a man of clay--a man who believes that Armegeddon is within his reach and his final days prior to being elevated to heaven will realize the word of God. I believe we live those words which can be summed up by the simple phrase " to love thy neighbor", which I believe is the key to many of the issues we have. If only we could reach across and talk with each other, to listen and engage, to share and not demand. Imagine the world we could have. Mr. Obama represents that hope that yes, in 4 years things could be better. I think we should all give him that chance.

Vote tomorrow for the future and for all of us.