Parsnips, Turnips and chevre

It's winter. The snow is sticking to the ground and staying there. Word is that we are getting inches (upward to 8 or so) this weekend, so the promise of the never ending indian summer has now, officially, ended. It was great while it lasted.

One of my boyfriends at the local grocery store, Shure Save showed me his most proud moment of the last few weeks. He flipped open his cell phone and showed me the corpse of a 6 point buck while animatedly telling me of the other bucks this guy was travelling with and how he was going to get a few more. He is a bow hunter with his own stands all over the place in his neighborhood and is counting down the days that bow hunting is allowed again. He has 2 deer already (one given to him by a relative) and he figures one or two more for fun and eating and he is set. This is the same guy, who when told he couldnt leave the house during deer season because of his need to recover from heart surgery, opened the kitchen door in his jimmy jammies and felled a deer in the backyard from the doorway. "Never left the house" he said with a wink.

We are having 40 for a baby shower tomorrow. So, I need to rush off to the store and stock up on things to eat (it is dish to pass, but we need to be prepared). Need the green disposable paper goods (the mother to be is insistent). I need to sell the local teen squad that they are on the hook for short term babysitting (yes, for pay) and get my head into this. Should be fun. We can get the fake coal stove cranked and get some good music going and have a short nice time (2-5 p.m.).

Lists are squared away for our Thanksgiving the Day After (dinner on Black Friday). Will swing by Wegmans for a couple of organic turkey breasts, bread and cheese (we always have a cheese course-- a tradition I made up a few years ago as an excuse to get the junior part of the clan to stretch a bit insofar as their tastes), green beans (fresh to steam), and some organic greens. Up in the air about soup...(don't adore a ton of squash anything...maybe we can forego along with sweet potatoes?). I guess as I am chief chopper and chef, I get to pick what we eat. I read about this great savory bread pudding made with guyere that I thought might fill the stuffing slot, but baby A, insisted my stuffing with cornbread, italian sausage, leeks etc. was what we had to have. Oh well.

Off to the store. More later. Want to talk about a mini illustration idea/epiphany. Nothing worth losing sleep over...but novel for one person in this universe, selfish old me!

Picture from my sketchbook. Seems like I may be wishing for butterflies despite the snow.