From Punky, Mouse for a Day illustrated by Murray Tinkelman

I got home early (getting on the road at 6:00 a.m.) and to my delight, my ebay purchase of Punky, Mouse for a Day written by John Moreton and illustrated by Murray Tinkelman (sited that this was his 6th children's book in the credits) was awaiting me in it's bubble wrap on the dining room table. I was thrilled to crack it open (it was formerly of the Plains Library in Plains, Montana) to find Mr. Rapidiograph Crosshatch himself whimsically presenting us a tale of a magical, transforming mouse named Punky. You can click on these images and they will enlarge as the scans are at 100%. Murray is also Mr. Black+White, to my delight--with the designs/compositions being strong and elegant, the detail insightful and funny and his lettering (see the squirrel illustration) being sensational. I am charmed. I hope you are too. More later as there is a peacock and a sea monster and a few others I would like to share with you. Time's a wasting! >> I need to get rolling.