New Portfolio and Promotion Site


Dripbook offers its worldwide community of professional visual artists the easiest, most stylish way to display, promote and distribute their portfolios online. Find out how Dripbook can power your online promotion. Here are the ten reasons to be part of Dripbook:

1. Dripbook Looks Good.
Dripbook's stylish, award winning design highlights your work. Your visuals are the focus, not a bunch of distracting clutter. Impress clients and collaborators alike with clean, professional presentations.

2. Dripbook is Easy.
Dripbook's drag-and-drop organize section allows you to create, assemble, and re-arrange books visually (no technical knowledge required). Even exporting a full web site out of Dripbook is simple.

3. Dripbook is Affordable.
Dripbook knows that visual creatives need clean, simple, and powerful tools at a reasonable price. We’ve got you covered with membership levels that fit even small budgets. Plus save 15% by paying quarterly, or save 25% by paying yearly. There's no match for Dripbook's value.

4. Uploading is a Breeze.
It's no fun to sit around and re-format images. Rather than make you reformat and resize your images to fit some list of technical restrictions, Dripbook's powerful uploading engine takes on the burden of all that nasty re-formatting and re-sizing. Use a Mac? PictureSync makes it even easier.

5. Make and Send Private Books.
Need to send a specific set of images to a specific set of people? Want to send a presentation that looks slick? Our private books let you track who saw it and when. Receive comments from each recipient as well.

6. Export your Books to Facebook, Blogs + Beyond.
Dripbook allows you to easily export your books from Dripbook to other sites in multiple presentation formats. Dripbook has a custom Facebook application as well as great looking Flash-based portable book displays for your blogs, MySpace, and other sites.

7. Export an entire customized Web site.
Want a professionally designed, personally customized Flash-based Web site? Don't want to pay sky high prices? The choice is simple - export your books out of Dripbook as a stand-alone Web site. And you're free to host it wherever you want. Plus, save a ton of money with our exported Web sites.

8. Centralized Promotion. Spend Less Time Updating.
So you have a Web site, portfolios on Facebook, some blogs, and maybe MySpace? It's a real drag to keep them updated with your newest work, right? Dripbook centralizes this process - Dripbook's export tools always keep your presentations up-to-date. Export a Web site from Dripbook, export widgets to a blog and MySpace, use Dripbook's Facebook applicaiton and all you need to do is update Dripbook and Dripbook updates the rest - they are all in sync and all updated instantly. That's a much easier approach.

9. Be Found in our Worldwide Directory of Artists.
Here's another distinct benefit of Dripbook - lots and lots of eyes are searching Dripbook for what you have. Viewers can browse via genre, tag, or geo-location. And these are eyes that count - eyes belonging to editors, art directors, art buyers, and others seeking professional creatives.

10. We Care About You.
Dripbook is big enough to offer powerful promotional tools, but small enough to be here when you need us. We care about you. If there's a problem, we'll take care of it personally. And we're artists, too. So trust that you are in good hands.

11. Dripbook is Reliable.
Dripbook's datacenters are state-of-the art, Tier IV compliant, and ultra-reliable. And we're not just saying that. We don't pinch pennies, especially not when it comes to the reliability of your visuals getting through when it counts. While no system is perfect, we've done all we can to get very close to perfection. You can rely on us.