Tick Tock

I got back from a meeting at the school this morning to find a big truck being unloaded with all of our planned goodies for our party this weekend. What? Where? From the Regional Access, which is a company that takes our good upstate cheeses, compost,organic produce, organic meat and eggs to New York and comes back with trucks brimming with delicious things from New York for our restaurants (or you, if you buy a case) of terrific things at good prices. I had ordered a raft of wonder from smoked trout and pate to cheese (even Maytag), to nice snack mixes and frozen lemonjuice (no preservatives). I got baba ganouge, grape leaves and olives, goat cheese with pink peppercorns and a lovely brie. And to top it off, it was delivered in person by one of our local treasures, Richie Sterns of the Horse Flies, of Richie Sterns, of Natalie Merchant, of the Evil City String Band formerly with Donna the Buffalo. As sweet a person that lives...and his work, his vision, his music is sublime. Now, all I need to do is take a big look and think 125-150 people and visualize. Yes, I can get apples and bread. yes, the crudites are happening. Yes, I have the compostable paper goods. Am I missing anything? Ostrich cutlets? Bison spread? Armidillo croquettes? I am feeling good that this wonderful order (via email and delivered to my front door) will fill 90% of the bill, stylishly, and yummishly.

Am churning along on a book for the Museum, and am thinking about two logotypes I need to put pencil to as they are due at the end of the first week of November. Need to wrap up a bunch of stuff and resolve them prior to the first week of November because by the first week of November, it is Thanksgiving in no time...and then, dear god, its the holidays. Yikes. I feel the tinsel and happy holidays pulling me fiendishly into the abyss of self loathing and deadlines. And it is right here. Hello ebay. Hello Harneys Tea Company. Hello Sierra Trading Post. Need to get rolling. There is the option of the big TJ Maxx shopping spree and calling it a day (which, come to think of it, could be the fastest, most direct approach). Plus, there is the week with Hartford in November tagged with the celebratory cruise with the newest ship for Celebrity, the Solstice Class happening immediately after the week of illustration. That will be great as R is at work so I can use their divine gym (almost guilt free) and draw my fool head off after the hoped for spur that the NYC trip will provide. Then its back to Tburg> rush to the holidays with a long weekend with Art Basel Miami (I am so spoiled) for ART ART ART and fun with the museum boys. It blew my head off last year. This year, I am bolder and have my bearings...so more to happen. So, November and December will be a bit nuts with our going to LA during the Christmas break.

And to think, today marks the midpoint of October. You would think my middle name was Tick Tock. Wow.