quick note

Off for a morning at Cornell to talk about the Baker Annual Report and a freebie, graphics for a Triathlon being held at Taughannock State Park this summer. I smell an illustration for that--do you?

Its a crisp, clear morning with promises of winter storms, sleet and snow later today. I know it sounds crazy, but we need it. Snow, that is. The herd of deer that lives on our property need it...and we would like a water filled summer like we have had recently--versus the parched, needle sharp, brown grass we sometimes get around the beginning of August. So, please, a bit of water.

Woodstove got another workout last night. R. brought a basket of wood in from the stock we have outside (from the trees we have had cut down before they would fall down)--and arranged it all to look as if Martha Stewart and her minions had gotten a job here. I peered nearsightedly at the basket and was shocked (as was R) to see that one of the logs wasnt a log...it was a part of a deer leg...complete with the hoof and fur. Shady and her girlfriends must have been saving a deercicle for a snack along with the walnut logs...just for "later". I let out a hoot--R did a doubletake and the hoof found itself out in the woods in an instant. Good thing it didnt make it into the stove...Imagine! Not a good way to break in the little black cricket on the hearth.

We are having a benefit with the local Democrats on February 10th to raise money for the up and coming local elections. I am thinking little plastic donkeys and marzipan in red white and blue. Maybe streamers and red white and blue sprayed carnations What do you think? Tasteful enough?

More later>>