chattering teeth.

Well. Another week begins. Had a great time in the blueness of the Pool of Dilemmas. My muse recommends that I develop the psychotic ideas that spring from the experiences of the Pool of Dilemmas into a graphic novel, per se. I don't know about this-- but think about it as I review old friends and new ones on a daily basis. Perhaps in the CF Payne and wonderful Gary Kelly class at Hartford in 2009. Imagine.I LOVE these guys...tons of talent, even more personality and opinion, gallons of thoughts about illustration. Each one, concentrated illustration bliss. Combined? Yowza. One thing about Mr. Murray. He does some key-razy mix and matching that results in great things for the students (and to be honest, for the teachers too).Murray has this amazing sense of putting chocolate and peanut butter together and making something even better. Its a veritable third sense for him. I am psyched to get a semi-full dose of that versus the self serving BS that the last 18 mos of the orange school provided. Back to Kelley and Payne. Maybe they can help me on some spreads of the Pool of Dilemma. The Naked girl. The pink girl. Women in red caps. Men in caps. Mr. Hip Hugger. and all the other personalities that evolve and develop on a daily basis. Its amazing I get laps in...for all the fun that is there.

The new cricket, the black legged, tiny Jotul stove (Jotul F 602 CB) delivered today. Sweetness. It takes a limited number (say one) of shortie logs...and can crank it up with relatively no problem. My muse is listening (as we speak) to UTube-ulation on Jotul tiny stoves..the wheres and whatfores. It is going to be great. The fantasy side porch is winding down. The capitals were delivered and installed today to our delight.

Steuben job in the last stages. They were so taken by the progress, they moved the meeting from the fourth to the 31st...So finalizing on a little book that I proposed along with the glass designs (maybe letterpress). Need to call around to test feasibility.