Cold knuckles

Working day with the radiator off. Thank goodness R ran off to the lake cottage for the random electric oil heaters that took the brrrrr....out of the air. It was a hat, 2 scarves, snowboots kind of day in the studio. Busy working out the shell, the sunface and moving towards closure for this phase of the project. There are sketches for the other 7 ideas on the table. Wednesday is the due date on that. Poking along. Everyone seems happy (I might almost say VERY) with the progress, my nailing deadlines etc. Now nailing a cheap fee is another thing. Ouch!

K and A. were on the ski slopes today. Great skiing. Lots of friends wanting to do the same things K and A wanted to do.

R and I talked about the next phase of development of the Camp House (back walkway space--definition, redesign and repurposing). R has some terrific ideas that need to be embellished upon and taken to the next level. We also need to get to more bathrooms and maybe a new kitchen too. However, tomorrow a teensy single log type woodstove will be installed in the old kitchen (in the big, iron backed fireplace with a big mantle and even all the cranes and hooks that might have been used in 1848. The little woodstove will be great. We had put a coal stove in the same place. However, if you are not familiar with coal..this stuff needs to burn at an amazingly hot temperature--so hot that I often feared we would burn down the building. Wood is not that "" as coal. It is far more predictable and manageable (at least for this girl) than the mega burn, mega nuclear fuel that coal is.

This time of the year I covet storm windows and doors, hot radiators and heat in general. Its beautiful to have natural air conditioning (in August)--but people laugh at my get up with the hats and scarves. You might too (if you saw me!). That's why blogging is so darned beautiful--as you can imagine me as the 5'10", blonde with perfect eyesight and teeth...and not the scary, harridan that writes and the cold.

Jane Austen awaits...! (I hope you have dialed into this elucidating elucidation with our 1800 galpal?).

Tomorrow. The Pool of Dilemmas awaits (although I am not sure with the hats and you think goggles will go with that?). Miami is looking sweet for April.