Billion Year Old Carbon

We are stardust
We are golden
We are a billion year old carbon
and We need to get ourselves back to the garden.

Joni Mitchell, Woodstock

Isn't this perfect Memento Mori stuff? I was listening to the radio--and heard this lyric and thought I should capture it now. Love it.Am working away on what does the spirit look like when its released. Does it look like the puritan spirit effigy? does it have a face? wings? Does it fly as in the analogies we hear in literature, in music, in the religious tradition? Can a spirit see? Or does it just exist? Does it leave us? or stay? Do they watch us? guide us? Do they have choices? Are they the spirits that stay your hand or prevents mishaps or hurts? Do they emerge complete or do they evolve, change and grow when they are separated from the physical?

More later>>