Olvera Street

Olvera Street is a Mexican Street. I thought it would be absolutely the most touristi of tourist places. However, it was really for the Mexican and Mexican American Communities. I went there in search of color and skulls. I found them (and will do a sep. entry on them)--but, we had a great time looking at all the top line stuff for the quick shopper--like luchado masks, colorful mini guitars and accordians, fabric/embroidered stuff, and sweets. Day of the Dead stuff, skulls and the fabulous Virgin stuff was way back in the shops--forcing me to spend time to unearth them and the wonderful cut paper banners and paper decorations that we just dont have "back east". The other treasures were the decorated playing cards and lotterio sets. I know if I had done this with my friend Tina, we would have found the best...but hey. Research is research. We had great tacos and taquitos at a stand that were sublime.