Tiki Thursday

Big Tiki party at the Corning Museum of Glass tonight with King Kukulele, Tiki- style glassmaking with FireMonkey Glass (aka Marshall Hyde) and music by Fisherman's Vibraphonic Tiki Orchestra. For a cold day--but inconsequential weather, should be a fun time with a ton of folks. If you are local, its worth the trip.

I am up to my ears in very boring work...and hope to wrap it up. Must go to Corning and back for teeth..so Tiki is out. Twice is too much. And the snooze cruise needs to be finished. So, focus will be needed.

Light in Winter this weekend in Ithaca.At a glance schedule here>>. We may go see Cyro Baptista and Beat the Donkey outside of buying the full passes this year. Unfortunately, the event last year dragged and felt very much like the year before--so we may go a la carte with music and speeches. There is snow and everyone has passes (except me--I have the Pool of Dilemma) so skiing might be an option.

Gotta wrap up these odds and ends. More later>>