Chokers and Toughcats 2/23/2008

at Castaways. Should be really fun. The Toughcats describe themselves as "We are a three piece band (resonator guitar, banjo/mandolin and drum kit with vocals) from the Fox Islands in Penobscot Bay, Maine". They are very tight and their drummer keeps the room warm with his high energy, silly behavior from rapping on drums to the full deal on a series of suitcases. NPR says"This trio uses vocal harmonies, uke, banjo, mandolin, suitcase and percussion to blend a mix of folk, rock, ragtime and bluegrass into their music. The track "043," off the 2006 album Piñata, features their brand of thumping percussion and energetic strings.

Along with making music, The Toughcats spend time in lobster fishing, carpentry, emergency medicine and other jobs. They have played live film scores for Bird Dog Productions and written music for Cecily Pingree's documentary film about designer Angela Adams. The Toughcats mix acting and movies into live performances, trying to always keep the audience on their toes."

NPR also has some mp3 files to listen to, too. The Phoenix is interesting too.

Pencil it in.