Imagine that!

I opened my mailbox just after lunch with the regular "where is this?", "please do that", "think about this", "look at this", "call that person about this", and all the ancillary buy me, sell me, read me emails and there is this new name. I know this name as I have googled this person, Power Boothe, the Dean of the Hartford Art School! And Dean Boothe was writing me to ...imagine....welcoming me to Hartford. There's something new. A Master program paradigm for me. Now things are getting really exciting!

Boy howdy, this welcome is a novelty from an interesting person, no less. Trust the Tinklemans to migrate to a better place. I just didn't understand how much better.

Not to compare with Syracuse, but...the only exchange with the Dean were two. One, a cookie cutter welcome letter and two, the dissolution of the program letter. But I guess that is what tens of thousands of dollars gets you with SU. I wonder how many funding opportunities they miss by this sort of boneheadedness? Maybe if I had committed to funding a studio or lecture series or a building, I might have gotten an email. What do you think?

Higher bar with humanity at Hartford. Should be fun...and scary. Yipes!