first day of school

Good progression. SU posted my credits on Aug the transcript is available. Will get all of that behind me by the end of September.So,the Hartford file will be more complete very soon.

Ordered some boxes for my holiday cards yesterday. Need to order the dog cards--but the honcho from the Art Trail says that cards don't sell. I am not sure. My cards are pretty nice and I am pricing them to sell.

Got a bunch of the plates spinning from the list yesterday. Having lunch at Dijon, a new french place down off RT 13 near the DMV--with a client and possible new writer who I am very enthusiastic about.

First day of school. A is happy. K is not. After all the time and definitive discussion with K's counselor it was as if we that meeting never happened. So, an email is in the hopper--and the phone call is going to happen tomorrow. We will need to see some change here.

Perfect day here. Clear skies. Lush grass. Seems too early for school to start.

The urn above is a calligraphic exercise. Working on some other images using tombstone images with the skateboard skulls.