In between

In between the cooking for our Labor Day, Birthday with Grandparents lunch, I figured I would log in to say hi. I had a happy trip to the amish stand this morning spending 10 dollars on a huge box of tomatoes ($3.00), 3 fresh onions, a small basket of the noteworthy blackberries, and green and yellow beans (around 7" long each). I have roasted a half dozen red peppers, shucked and prepped corn, washed the berries, set the table, cut the wonderful Ithaca Bakery cheddar/corn/jalapeno bread, blanched greenbeans, cut tomatoes and feta and currently have the chicken on the grill. Guests expected at 12:30. Lunch on the table at 12:45. Hopefully this will be quick so I can get back to being a sloth and reading my new book "Octavian Nothing" a very off kilter, "young adult" fiction about a boy raised by a philosophical society in pre-revolutionary Boston. Odd and thought provoking. Have waiting: the MOMA show catalog on Picasso and a book about Edward Gorey--which includes articles about him, his illustrations and some transcribed interviews. Odd mix...but goood. I got away from the weekly pilgrimage to the library...and It is going to be part of the new structure as I have missed the mix of reading that the library affords.

Have to go flip the birds.